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Artists in January 2019

January 2019

Rebecca Ann Tess is an artist based in Berlin. Tess studied fine arts at the University of the Arts, Berlin, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London as well as at the Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, where she graduated in 2009. In 2011 she received the Villa Romana Prize. During a residency in Seoul (South Korea), followed by a two years assistant professorship at the photography dept. at Chung-Ang University, Tess had the time to study mega cities, it’s architecture, the sociopolitical order as well as the influence of implemented smart technology on the city life.
rebecca ann tess_alpha++ models_2012–2019Rebecca Ann Tess, Alpha++ Models, 2012–2019

In her current project »Alpha++«, Tess takes high-rise architecture and global cities in general as case studies for power structures in the neoliberal age with means of photography and video.
rebecca ann tess_alpha++ models_san pedro de atacama_2019 Rebecca Ann Tess, Alpha++ Models (San Pedro de Atacama), 2019

During her stay at AiRE, Tess is working on an additional chapter of »Alpha++ Models« – a work in progress consisting of about 100 photographs taken since 2012 in several mega-cities and their outskirts around the world – looking back at the time when Chile was treated as a test-bed of neo-liberal concepts and studying the todays impacts of the Chicago Boys.

The title Alpha++ refers initially to the highest possible rating of a global city in the international competition amongst such cities. In the center of this project is the repetitive high-rise architecture of mega-cities and its surrounding landscaped area, which is taken as case studies of power structures in the neo-liberal age.

Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe



January 2019

Cecilia Candiani is an Argentinian artist and photographer originally from Córdoba. She is currently living and working in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in mathematics and in photography. Candiani is interested in the relationship between man and device. She is currently investigating the concept of freedom in a world dominated by devices.

(Image obtained using a setting and programming language from 2 direct shot photographs. Beach in Valparaíso.)


From the conceptual and the experimentation, Candiani´s photographic project starts from the theory of the philosopher Vílem Flusser who develops the terms “technical image” and “eternal return” which encourages the photographer to investigate the possibility of freedom in a world dominated by devices, to investigate how to deal with the flow of redundant images that move man away from understanding.

(Image obtained using a setting and programming language from 2 direct shot photographs. Valparaíso.)

To develop her project she is using a digital SLR camera, an analog camera (found a few months ago in an antique shop) and a pinhole camera (armed from a matchbox and expired rolls of 35mm color photographic film). She is photographing the city of Valparaíso. Being in instances of experimentation, some of the photographs obtained are being processed with the programming language R (one of the most used in research by the statistical community).

imagen 2
(Image obtained using a setting and programming language from 2 direct shot photographs. City of Valparaíso. One picture is taken in 2017 and the other one in 2019.)

The first AiRE Artist Talk

Daniel Ventura and Maga Esberg presented their works last Thursday, Nov. 29 during the very first “AiRE Artist Talks” event.
Here are some pics!

Photos: Rafael Molina

Artists currently staying at AiRE

November 2018

Daniel is a Mexican based artist formed at the Faculty of Arts UNAM. He is currently developing a plastic, visual and conceptual research about the relationship between art and the environment involved with the conception of the landscape, the city and the architecture understanding such relationships and ideas as a structure working on constant transformation.


He works with drawing, graphics, sculpture, and installation experimentally as strategies and disciplines to express the evidence intended to communicate with his work.

Daniel Ventura: Cartography, 2018 (work-in-progress)

More info:

November 2018

Salla is a performance artist based in Helsinki. She has studied visual art in Art School Maa and live art in Kankaanpää Art School, from which she graduated as BA in spring 2017.

Nowadays Salla is working mainly with performance. She creates performances using time, body and presence as her tools. She relies on minimal aesthetics and builds her works out of simple materials and clear ideas using surroundings, infrastructure, sound and, objects.

Salla Valle Workshop.jpg
Photo: Maija Mikkola

During her stay in Chile, she is taking part in the CuerpAs 4 – International Performance Art Festival organized in Santiago and Valparaiso.

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October – December 2018

Maga is an artist and curator based in Oxford, England. She has been working as a lecturer and as a curator for the HATCHED Festival.

She works primarily with pinhole cameras, cameras obscura, and lumens. At the moment she is developing a portable/ traveling camera obscura and investigating the concept around it.

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07.11.2018 Workshop by Salla Valle: Observando el ser / Observing the being


Salle Valle (b. 1990) is a performance artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Valle has performed actively and internationally making minimalist actions using time, body and space as her tools. Valle holds a BA in live art and a degree in visual art.

Valle is staying in AiRE for two weeks in November 2018. During her stay in Valparaíso, she is giving a workshop: “Observando el ser / Observing the being”. The workshop is intended to all people interested in performance art or performative practices and it is organized in collaboration with Balmaceda Arte Joven.

More information about the workshop.

Open Call

We want to thank everyone who applied to our first Open Call.

We will publish the next Open Call for the year 2019 in January!

AiRE is a perfect place for a creative break – experimenting and processing ideas. We offer private rooms in a shared residency house which allows the residents to have time and space for creative work while having also the possibility to create new networks, participate in exhibitions, lectures and/or workshops during the residency.

Night view from the terrace

Valparaíso is an inspiring city with lots of street art, interesting architecture and an active live art scene which adds a special, bohemian vibe to this old seaport city.

Part of the city has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

View to Valparaíso

Murals at Paseo Dimalow